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Earn some free Crypto via Affiliate Programs

Infinite passive income possibilities exist and now with Bitcoins, the game is anew.

An Internet Money Machine is what I call this pursuit.  Join some affiliate programs and start sharing links.

There is no reason why each day you have to work as hard as the previous.  If you do, that is your choice, it is not an obligation -- there are no more excuses in today's crypto climate.    There exists a coin rush as we enter this realm of blockchains and capital is over-flowing into crypto investments.  So much money is being dumped into this new world economic model, so grab a shovel and dig. 

To start, try converting any fiat-based income machines into crypto-based models.  Then postulate the new systems, blockchain-able ideas that operate above what was considered normal yesterday.

Here are Bitcoin affiliate programs that I have verified as real and not HYIP.


Gambling, Sports Betting, and Casinos

bitdouble.io - Dice, Roulette, and Coin Flip



Remember the once profitable Google Ad banners a decade ago?  Although they now have 360-degree video ads.  ;) Now try switching to earning non-fiat.


Check BitcoinAffiliates.net (BitcoinAffiliat.es), been around for years, has the most profitable BTC affiliate programs to choose from.


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