1 Nonsecu.re - OpenVPN hides your location

Why do I need a VPN? 

Hide Your Own Tracks

After net-neutrality took effect, your ISP can now sell your web browsing history. Whenever possible ensure connections between networks are run through an encrypted tunnel to protect security.  By creating your own private VPN server one has greater control over connecting clients end-points. 

And since OpenVPN is an open standard, you can just cut out the middleman providers (such as NordVPN). 

What you want to accomplish is to completely hide your tracks, everything,  all packets that leave your LAN are obfuscated.  Even leaving your ISP totally clueless as to what type of browsing or downloading going on.

Why and How

With the client software running, your data firstly gets encrypted and then pushed through a private tunnel directly connecting your local device to a remotely hosted server.  All communication between the two points is encrypted, which would allow you to connect to distanced networks, such as your office's internal network.

Why do we want to pay monthly for a service you can just subscribe to? 

+ Our team must have the ability to cloak their real location 

+ Ability to manage the VPN's server and client software

+ Continue to operate your desktop on-the-go with mobile access

+ Maintaining an end-to-end encrypted data stream

+ Protect from stringent checking  of your physical locale

+ Hide-and-Harden and Encrypt DNS requests

+ Add a Pi-Hole Ad-Blocking server. (for preventing DNS leaks and save extra bandwidth use)

How to configure your new clients

Users are emailed a configuration file (*.opvn), which allows you to import an OpenVPN profile by simply opening an attachment from the autogenerated email message users receive.

Software Clients to Download

It is recommended to use the official OpenVPN client.

How to configure new clients

1.) Open a browser and go to the host provided by the admin.

2.) Login with the credentials given

3.) Download the appropriate software for your operating system

4.) Install and then run.

Latest VPNish Services

Algo (Wireguard And SwanStrong)

Automatically generates all config files for clients. With Wireguard And SwanStrong.


Streisand sets up a new server running your choice of WireGuard, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, or a Tor bridge.


Build your own lightweight VPN on DigitalOcean

Speed Testing 



Installing a private OpenVPN server (quick script)


VPN Encryption Options

Your privacy is important to us.  Notice the certified encrypted connection. 
Stop Phishing Attacks with HTTPS Everywhere , a plug-in which auto-redirects browsers to a site's most encrypted channel.
Thanks to the EFF.org for keeping to fight the good fight.