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Ad Blocking DNS Server

Pi-Hole will block and prevent advertisements from appearing on all your devices.

This lightweight DNS server runs on your LAN and uses lists of URLs that filter HTTP requests for advertisements by blocking the requests locally (on the DNS level), thus preventing a lot of unnecessary downloading and saving a lot of bandwidth.

This makes for a speedier web browsing and a glorious ad-free experience!  

This will also work with commercial-like video ads on sites like YouTube.  Combine with a VPN server for an ad-free cellphone.

Testing DNS Query Speed

Dig in parallel for average response time 

     $ for i in {1..30}; do echo google.com; done | xargs -I^ -P10 dig ^ | grep time | awk /time/'{sum+=$4} END { print "Average query = ",sum/NR,"ms"}' 


This is a

Extra Optional Features


This is a new standard proposed by Google.  Why not send DNS over the most secured channels we have?
Learn how in this guide: docs.pi-hole.net/guides/dns-over-https/


Your privacy is important to us.  Notice the certified encrypted connection. 
Stop Phishing Attacks with HTTPS Everywhere , a plug-in which auto-redirects browsers to a site's most encrypted channel.
Thanks to the EFF.org for keeping to fight the good fight.