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Statistical models can predict the future, we just need enough data and everything is computable.

With these new cryptocurrencies, we have completely new ways of betting.  Everything you never imagined when dealing with the local bookies

Employed with a basic knowledge of probability and statistics, one can do very well predicting the outcome of upcoming games.  This win probability increases on sites that allow you to bet in real-time (live betting). 

Satisficing (satisfy + suffice)


Satisficing is an art form. This theory is derived from the logic and psychology of human choice. This is about the behavior of decision makers under circumstances in which an optimal solution cannot be determined. 


 -- excellent #1 predictions on sports betting

The king of statistics, the only one to predict that Trump would win
His prediction models rival any other out there.  If you want to rack up a lot more wins, follow his blog.

Watch Live Sports 

scoreswebsite -- has live scores

Depending on where you live, you might have a surplus of available sports channels to watch.  In the USA, there are too many ancient copyright and media broadcasting laws that make life terrible for those that just want to catch a game, even the local favorite teams might be on a blackout.

Most people will need to use at least a VPN server to mask your location, whether it is state-by-state or even masquerading as a foreign user.

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